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Meet Krystall Poppin… The Desert Daisy… Astral Realm Rapping Dalai Lama…

Krystall Poppin is a new and energetic American rapper hailing from El Paso, Texas. Her unique vocals and clever rhyme execution has managed to help her stand out from the current state of female rap. Her latest single “Timmy Tah” is guaranteed to stick in your mind at first listen with it’s innovative bounce and street smart attitude. Fans around the country are hooked as they watch her travel across he United States in an RV she’s named “The Honey Whip” to collaborate with artists of all shapes and sounds as well as music industry professionals. 

Full interview coming April 2019



Krystall Poppin - The GT Garza “Halos & Horns” Tour

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01 Krystall Poppin RockLan One.png
Krystall Poppin

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